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Janet McKay


2016 Home Improvement Contest

Home Improvement Contest

I love working with First-Time Home Buyers. I feel like I form a bond with each of them, as we spend countless hours together looking for that perfect first home. I am always curious to see what improvements have been made to those homes, and how each couple added a personal touch. So, I thought we could have a little fun with a contest!

I reached out to several of my past clients, and asked for before-and-after photos to enter into a contest. The winner will be determined by the amount of "likes" the top photo receives on my Facebook page. The prize? A $100 gift card to Home Depot to start on the next big project!

Now, it's up to you, the voter, to choose your favorite project. Just click on the photos and let's get started.

The contest will end on Friday, July 29, 2016, so start voting!